Interview Natalie & Chloe.

Today we welcome Natalie, an Australian influencer and her adorable daughter Chloe, 3.
Go check Natalie’s instagram account @thissweetlife_.


Who are you ?

My name is Natalie Sullivan I am a stay-at-home mother to Ari and Chloe and also a lifestyle blogger. I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in Australia.

What do you like the most about motherhood? 

I love being a mother I honestly feel like I was born to be one.  I am currently juggling being « working Natalie » and « mum Natalie » because I just love having my children with me everyday.  

When did you join social medias? Why?

My account organically started to grow from when I was pregnant with Chloe, 4 years ago. Prior to that I just used it with friends and family. 

What do you like to discover on Instagram?

Working moms who manage to switch between entrepreneurship and mom’s tasks are very inspiring for me!
I like to follow them.

As an example, I like Jessiika account, or the gorgeous Marcia & her beautiful pictures.
The stylish and fit British influencer @lydiamillen motivates me!

What’s your favorite place to go with your daughter?

We love to go to the beach, my favourite spot is Little Cove beach in Noosa.  
We also like to have tea at Aimee Provence in Buderim. 


What are your hobbies ?

I like to go to ballet and to my swimming class ! Once a week I’m going to kindergarten and I love it.

If you had to choose only one outfit in your closet, what would you wear?

A pretty ballerina dress with dancing shoes !

Why did you choose to carry Gabin bag? 

Chloe : It is so cute and pink is my favorite color.
And I love rabbits, I’m in love with my bunny’s tail !

Natalie : I love the fact that it can be worn multiple different ways, very adaptable.
 I carried it when we first got it but now if Chloe sees me wearing it, she wants the bag back, just for herself! 

What does it contain?

I put my Frozen dolls in it, easy to carry them !


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