Interview Stephanie & Juliet

Hello! Today we welcome the Belgian mum Stephanie & her eldest daughter Juliet behind the Instagram account @70percentsteph.


Who are you?

I am Stephanie, a Belgian living in Switzerland, an entrepreneur and a storyteller, a mother of two beautiful girls – Juliet, who is 4, and Eloise, who is 18 months.

I studied literature and my favorite thing in the world is still stories – whether they’re beautiful photographs shared on Instagram, amazing books by (mostly) female authors or well-made series and movies.

Telling a great story is an art and I am in constant pursuit of mastering it a little better than the day before.

What do you like the most about motherhood?

The simple joys it brings into my life. Discovering the world all over again through my daughters’ eyes, hearing them laugh, seeing their personalities develop, watching their love for each other grow (and become more complicated…).
It’s a terrible cliché, but making them happy or just seeing them happy, makes me feel the happiest.

When did you join social medias? Why?

I have always been into sharing stories online – I built my first website on Geocities twenty years ago!
I was pretty early discovering Facebook and was super active on there in the beginning, but when I discovered Instagram it was much better suited to my way of storytelling.
It’s a lot more visual, and the constraints placed on the content you can share only increased my creativity.

It was a logical addition to my blogging activities, but I have to say it’s taken over from blogging somewhat in recent years, and now I’m inclined to go back to longer-form storytelling.

What do you like to discover on Instagram?

I have been experimenting with following some hashtags recently, and it made me discover quite a few new accounts.
Ever since the platform launched the ‘save’ button, I have been saving other people’s posts divided into categories. I try to share a few of my saved posts in my stories every few days – it’s a cool new way to do what I was doing all the way in the earliest days of blogging: sharing inspiration that others have created.
And it’s a way to support the people who put so much time and effort into creating beautiful stories. I suppose that’s my way of trying to defy the algorithm: if I am sharing these people’s posts, my followers can find them, regardless of how popular these posts might have been when they were originally posted.

Some lovely accounts that I can always count on to make me feel inspired:
the family of @sept_septembre,
Hélène from @mylittlejeanne,
the NYC based foodie @asoulfulkitchen,
the Norwegian influencer @synne_k,
the fashionista @emmagelaude,
the refreshing pictures of @sunrise_over_sea,
a Scandinavian mood with @annalandstedt,
Chloe, the talented French photographer @onnthego.

What’s your favorite place to go with your daughter?

Juliet LOVES to go to lunch at Globus – a fancy department store in Geneva with a really nice food court.
We always share the same dish ‘Singapore chicken’ with rice, and she loves sitting on a bar chair at the high tables like an adult.

Afterward she likes to go to the patisserie counter and order herself a Carac – a typically Swiss chocolate dessert pastry, looking like a chocolate tart.

To balance things out, we always go to the beautiful, nostalgic carousel in the old city center of Geneva, where she can be the sweet, excited kid she really is, sitting on the unicorn – her favorite!


Do you like to go to school?

It’s my first year in school, I am in 1P and my friend Guillaume is in 2P and I won’t be in his class next year and that makes me sad.
On Mondays I have dance and on Thursdays, I have yoga with my teacher Mathilde who is so pretty and a real ballerina!

If you had to choose only one outfit in your closet, what would you wear?

My sparkly Halloween dress – I was a bat fairy!!

Why did you choose to carry Gabin bag? 

It’s really pretty and pink and I like that the ears are as soft as a doudou.
Sometimes my little sister Eloise wants to play with it and I let her because mom tells me to, but I think she’s too little to carry a big bag like that!

What does it contain?

  • Juliet: my doudou.
  • Steph: she actually takes whatever random things she can find with her whenever we go out. Some days it’ll be Duplo building bricks, others it will be half a doll’s outfit. When we come home, I empty the bag and find she put rocks and twigs that she found on the ground… It’s her treasure bag !!


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