Interview Janine & Alara.

Today we welcome Janine, a German mum & Alara, her daughter, a promising model in the kid’s fashion world.
They are running the instagram account @alara.jale.


Who are you ?

Hello, my name is Janine Can, 37 years old. I’m a teacher, and a fashion/ travel lover!

I’m also the manager, stylist and photographer of Alara, my 11 years old daughter.

I also have an older boy Julian, 17.

What do you like the most about motherhood?

Being a mother is a great privilege and an honor because for me it is a wonder of life – not everybody has the chance to live it.
At the same time it contains servanthood, which I like – so every day I fulfill the needs of my family and that fulfills me. I am always there for everybody in the family and continuously put other’s needs before mine.
And it makes me happy to make them happy!

The feeling to be needed and giving love are one of the greatest feelings at all. I wish every woman who wants to become a mother would be able to experience that.
It’s a life miracle, an incredible blessing.

When did you join social medias? Why?

When Facebook started, ages ago, I registered myself there. But I was not very active…
For 3 years now, I started with Instagram by myself, just for me and without any purpose. I thought I might have it because a lot of people used Instagram. I started to follow a lot of bloggers and influencers and got inspired by new styles and trends.

Two years ago I started the business account of Alara – which was just a coincidence. She got discovered by her Manager Eugene Chakhnovitch during a fashion event in his showroom.
During this event, we discussed and developed Alara’s Instagram Account and talked about being a kids-model for some brands.
After a few months, Alara was quite known on Instagram and in the kids fashion business, so we continued to work together and always developed new ideas together with her. And that is where we are today.

Alara is now getting her own blog and in a few years I think she will continue writing by herself. 

What do you like to discover on Instagram?

I like to watch original nice pictures – artful, special, editorial like. I like to discover the beauty in something unique, to find things not all people have, and then to spread it.
My favorite accounts are:

@shortstoriesandskirts is the account of a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger.
I like her style! I know how hard she is working, and she is doing good, interesting stories, and her pictures are really beautiful.

@noyemipia is already a famous teen model, a role influencer. Alex & Noyemi are a great team of mother and daughter and I must say, they inspired us for our blog!

@celinepia13, a kids model also from Berlin. She has a huge potential!

@mila._.lou, a beautiful young teenager as well.

What’s your favorite place to go with your daughter?

We love to travel together and discover nice places!

In Berlin, where we live, I recommend the Monkey Bar on the Rooftop of Bikini Berlin, for its perfect view on the Zoo & the Kurfürstendamm, the famous Berlin street.

Also, the Motel One Roof Top Bar at Kurfürstendamm, next to Waldorf Astoria and a stop to the Guerlain Spa in Waldorf Astoria ,to relax and have a spa treatment, we love to do that together!

In London, Elan_Cafe, a nice pink blogger Café.

In Amsterdam, we like MamaKelly Restaurant, a pink cute restaurant, or Polaberry, a gorgeous cake pops café.

In Istanbul, Bebek Ask Kahve is a wonderful café at the seaside, in front of the Bosphorus.


What did you do for Christmas holidays?

During  winter Holidays, I love to go skiing!
I love to sit in a wooden house in front of the fireplace with my dog, enjoying a cup of tea. 

So this year we went to Austria, Stanglwirt Bio Hotel for some days and after this, we have been to a chalet up the hill for Christmas skiing and snowboarding. Magical!

Do you like to go to school? Why?

Yes, because I love to chat with my friends, being on my own without my parents!
I love to learn new things.

If you had to choose only one outfit in your closet, what would you wear?

I would choose skinny jeans, an oversized comfy pullover and a pair of sneakers. 

Why did you choose to carry Charlie Purse? 

It is a cute, light and soft purse with a perfect size to put my stuff. I take it with me everywhere! I love his versatility.

What does it contain?

Only the essential…My hand cleansing gel, airpods, my favorite lipbalm.

Do you have any fashion icon(s)?

The singer Ariana Grande & the great dancer Nicole Laeno.

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