Interview Jae & Philo

Today we welcome Jae & Philo, the pretty & poetic duo behind the Instagram account @philo_pompon.


Who are you ?

I am the mother of a 6 year old girl, Philo and a 13 year old little dog, Pompon. I share some of our great family moments on our instagram @philo_pompon account and I am also a ceramist.

What do you like the most about motherhood? 

Learning to see life through the eyes of a child. It’s like a renewal, more playful and happier!

When did you join social medias? Why?

I started our Instagram account in 2013 after the birth of Philo.
I always liked photography but I did not have much time to devote myself to it.
I wanted to make a little diary of our new life and the nascent relationship between Philo and Pompon.

What do you like to discover on Instagram?

My tastes are quite diverse but I would quote:
the wonderful colors of @fordeabbey, the feed of @chrisburkard to travel from my couch, or Jennifer’s account @tookie.gambetta and her gourmet recipes!

What’s your favorite place to go with your daughter?

One of our rituals is to go on the Saint Louis island, in Paris to eat a Berthillon ice cream, then to walk along the Seine.
We like to spend this moment together.


Do you like to go to school? Why?

Yes I do! This year, I started elementary school, and I’m excited to learn how to read and write.

If you had to choose only one outfit in your closet, what would you wear?

Any long dress to dance and feel like a flower that flutters its petals to the wind …

Why did you choose to carry Gabin bag? 

It is very different from a classic bag. It looks like Gabin is coming out of a fairy tale.
I use it when I go out with mom, we put our things inside.
Since there are two compartments it’s half for me and the other half for mom …
It’s a pleasure to share it.

What does it contain?

In the bag, I always put my mini-me doll, my wooden dog Pompon and a drawing kit with some pencils.

Do you have any fashion icon(s)?

I don’t really have an icon but a dream: becoming a prima ballerina/florist, does that exist?

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