Interview Alexandra & Noyemi Pia

For our first interview, we are thrilled to welcome Alexandra & Noyemi
the mother-daughter duo behind the blog

Noyemi & Alexandra Maison Pollux


Who are you ?

I am a professional  image maker and photographer. I am originally from Riga, Latvia, where I have worked with many fashion magazines, TV and show programs, Fashion Weeks and private customers.
Since then, I moved to Turkey and for the last ten years, I live and work between Turkey, USA and Europe.

What do you like the most about motherhood? 

My daughter is my everyday inspiration… to be a better version of me.  I strongly believe there is only one way to teach values to children, it is to be an example for them. 

When did you join social medias? Why?

When my daughter was born, I became interested in kids fashion. Noyemi is eight years old now.
Due to our lifestyle, she is a real cosmopolite and multilingual kid. Together we are a team, she is my little muse and a professional model.
She inspired me to create my blog and to develop my portfolio.
Noyemi was 2 years old when we created our Instagram account, and at first, it was just for fun… but luckily the last 3-4 years, it became real work. 

What do you like to discover on Instagram?

For me, Instagram is the place where I get news, inspiration, information about anything I need, shopping ideas.
And the best part is that I met so many amazing people here! So difficult to choose only 3 accounts, there is a lot of cool people! 
I love to follow accounts who are real bloggers, and take their job seriously, people who do this job just for fun as a hobby and don’t care of amount of followers or likes. 

Some inspirational accounts I love are @parisinfourmonths and @negin_mersalehi,  they are my role model as adult influenceurs, I get travel inspiration, fashion news and they simply bring me aesthetic satisfaction. Both girls are very sweet! 

Some of our kids fashion destinations are @juniorstylelondon, @hooligansmagazine, @smudgetikka, @pirouetteblog .
My favorite and famous kid blogger @zooeyinthecity is a real example of hardworking and cool supportive family! 

What’s your favorite place to go with your daughter?

Recently, we travelled a lot around the world with Noyemi. But Paris will always be our favorite destination, we visit at least once a year! 
Besides that, we love to stop by some ice-cream shops. Noyemi gets an ice cream, and I always take a spoon from her to put in my coffee.
But in general, wherever we can spend quality time is good…Our favorite place is to be together 🙂 



What did you do for summer?

I travelled a lot this summer with my mom.
I had sleepovers with my best friend.
I spend fun time with my grandmother by the sea. 
We had an amazing trip to magical Cappadocia with my family. I loved it!

Are you excited to go to school? Why?

Yes I do! I love school, I am excited to see my teachers and my school friends.

If you had to choose only one outfit in your closet, what would you wear?

It is a very difficult question, I love all my clothes! I love chic, but comfortable outfits…

Why did you choose to carry Gabin bag? 

Firstly, I fall for Gabin because it was pink, and very fuzzy.
When I received it, I discovered it is very comfortable to carry. It reminds me my toys when I was younger, I always imagine it is my friend! 

What does it contain?

My hair brush, my visit cards, some small toys, a notebook and my favorite pen.

Do you have any fashion icon(s)?

Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. French & classics!

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