Product care

To know how to take care of your Maison Pollux product
is the guarantee to keep them as the first day for many years.

The leather

Zephyr leather is a full grain cow leather, selected from the finest hides, with a natural supple nappa finishing. It ages well with time and acquires a beautiful patina.

This leather has little coating on the surface to let the natural beauty shine through. Some marks on the leather are proof of its authenticity and contribute to the uniqueness of Maison Pollux products.

To keep its natural beauty, avoid exposing your product to direct sunlight, and excessive heat or moisture.

If your product is wet, allow it to dry naturally after you’ve wiped off the moisture.

If your product is stained or scratched, rub it with a soft cloth with a small quantity of leather nourishing cream and allow it to dry.

Prevent potential colour transfer by avoiding contact between the leather and potentially sensitive fabric.

Store your product in its original dust bag to keep it dust-free while you’re not using it.

The fur

The soft and silky Teddy fake fur is created and finished in Netherlands. It is as soft as rabbit fur but only made of 100% polyester synthetic fibres. If stained, clean it with warm water and soap and then dry it at reasonable distance with a hairdryer.

The lining

The lining Lagoon is a thick and resistant cotton fabric in unique lagoon colour and can be cleaned easily with soapy water.